About Us



Founded in 1993 by the MD, Dr Martin Chukwuemeka Enebeli, a maritime expert.

Etiana Marine is registered with corporate afairs commission in Nigeria with the registration number RC229907. Etiana Marine has vibrant sectors, i.e. shipping, ship suppliers, clearing and forwarding, customs licence agent and many more.

Etiana Ventures Limited has worked tirelessly by employing trained and experienced staffs in order to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

We understand our customers needs and building strong partnership, we continually improve our operations to facilitate the movement and delivery of cargo, container, project cargo, bulk cargo, heavy equipment unit or break bulk, ship chandling off shore support services, clearing of waste etc.

About us

ETiana Marine is a trustworthy, innovative Shipping company. ETiana Marine establish a complete IOT industry chain by combining high level response, with intelligent and trained staff. With customer value in mind, we provide perfect solutions/services for ships, vessels and many more(onshore off shore service).

Core Industry

On Shore, Off Shore Services.

Powerful R&D Ability

E-TIANA VENTURES LIMITED® is the pre-eminent Maritime and Logistic Company in Nigeria. We provide wide range of services to vessels such as Ship Chandling, Ship Operation, Freight Forwarding/Logistics, Ship Slop/Sludge/Black Oil evacuation and Equipment Leasing.


To be a leading shipping and Maritime expert, strategically positioned to effectively manage shipping clearing services, Chandling services mainly at the downstream. To provide solutions by contributing to the Growth of Maritime Industry.


With shipping as the core, to be the leading Sea service provider in Africa. To provide a healthy, safe, enviromtental friendly, smart working and leaving enviroment


Chandling, Ship Slop, Freight and Logistic and more